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Cornerstone North Shore is the premier custom residential contractor, specializing in new construction ofsingle-family homes, room additions, and renovations. For the past two decades, we have built beautiful homes across the North Shore, supporting future legacy investments and sustainable eco-friendly construction to provide clients with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and customer service for life.

Call Cornerstone first

and we'll do the rest, from hand picking a perfect team to build your home, to guiding you through every aspect of the build and beyond. The foundation from which all else follows

We partner with families, real estate professionals, architects and builders as an advisor, focused on personalizing the home building experience and providing clients with a unique, custom home that is designed to fit their needs.
Building a home is exc1t1ng. It can also be stressful and confusing. Cornerstone puts its 20+ years of experience to work, guiding homeowners and realtors from start to finish, and beyond. This collaborative process includes countless hours with architect and design team, site v1s1ts, and multiple brainstorming sessions. We design a plan built around your needs, while strategizing for future changes with your family and the market.

"It is not only the beauty of the building you should look at: it's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time."

Gene Levin - General Contractor

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Realtors need an expert general contractor who will review listings and go with them on showings to access and determine which property works best for their client's needs.
While we offer Realtor referrals ($5,000), our goal is to help your clients find the right property, address the unseen challenges, and serve as a resource to highlight your expertise and stand out above other realtors.


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Homeowners need a reliable general contractor who is able to handle all aspects of building and can make their dreams become reality.
We value transparency and act as honest, straight-forward advisors to make sure the client gets what they want, beginning with a fixed flat-fee with no hidden costs or extra expenses.

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We know you want a trusted advisor to turn to when you have questions or concerns. That's why Cornerstone teams-up with homeowners and realtors - and remains available - beginning with the first call, extending throughout the entire project, through post-warranty, and any questions or needs for years to come.

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We discover unforeseen issues and address them before they become problems. We know you have a budget to stick to, and you don't want unexpected expenses or extra charges mid-project. Cornerstone guarantees at pre-build to a fixed flat-fee agreement made  the homeowner that will never change throughout the project, regardless of unexpected problems or changes of any kind.

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We know you want talented designers, architects and builders on your side, to build to your specifications. For every project, Cornerstone carefully chooses a team that is uniquely qualified to meet expectations, timelines and budgets for the best result.


Gene Levin was easy and professional to work with.  He made himself available when we needed to discuss things and he was responsive when we reached out to him with questions. If he told us he would do something, we knew it would get done.  He cares about the quality of work he provides and also about his clients happiness. We would work with Gene again and have also recommended him to other people we have met.

—  Jennifer & Bill Rubenstein

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